Please don’t judge me haha

I’m dying to become a better person.

Either I’m not trying too hard or people are really just bad people to me, because I don’t see any improvement in my attitude.

Back then I had a mix of personalities. Sometimes I’m nice, sometimes not so much. Sometimes I’m super friendly, other times I’m anti social. Sometimes I give a damn and other times I don’t. 
I got used to my bipolar attitude through the years and people got used to it too.

However, I’ve been noticing a change. I’ve developed negative traits. This is where it gets very personal…
I’m getting pissed easily. I get so pissed that I say things I know I will regret later, yet I still say them. I know it would hurt the other person, but this devil comes over me and I lose control of myself. I surprise myself.

Hopefully people reading this post don’t get scared of pissing me off haha. I hope they see the positivity that I will try to find in me and bring out to the world. I want to be a better person. I want to be someone people would be happy to be with. I just want respect for being a person of good morals.

Okay, I have to admit that the transition of being generally better may take a while. I guess I’m in no rush to completely change myself, but I’m aware that I need to act now or I probably never will.

Yeah I know my attitude may or may not be any of your business. Well so are a lot of things on my blog  So yeah you can completely disregard this post (if you’ve even reached this far), I just needed this venting machine right now.


It’s been a long while since I’ve last posted. A VERY LONG while. See that’s the problem with me, I can’t stick to something. I start something then stop in the middle. I have this problem of losing interest in stuff. My attention span is ridiculously short and I can’t really do anything about it. Yeah, I should set my mind to finishing/continuing things that I start, but in the end, I happen to find something better to do (or something I think is better to do).

So much has happened. Let’s start off with school/business. It’s almost my last year of school (that is, if I can graduate as planned haha), and I have to have my business running and earning before graduation. I’ve been stressing myself, looking for suppliers for my fashion line, finding the best deals on fabrics or other materials, and just trying to get my name out there. What sucks is that I’m slow. I want to be producing alot of clothes already, I just lack much experience in the industry to work quicker.

Not only am I working on my business, I’m working in 2 new businesses my family started up. One of them is a cafe, called Cali Bay Cafe, and the other one is OMG Business Center, which is a place where people can pay their bills, book flights and ferries, copying, printing, faxing, or anything internet-related and stuff. It’s pretty stressing due to the fact that we’re totally new to these types of businesses. We’ll get the hang of it.

Next, how ‘bout we talk about my social life? Friendship. Friends everything to me. I have alot of friends, but honestly, there are only a few that are very VERY important to me. It’s summer and I haven’t seen them since the last day of school because we’re all busy, so we haven’t had time to see each other. I miss them. I’ll see them soon because we’re going to go to my friend’s province in May. Can’t wait. One whole week with just friends :)

Next, let’s talk about what used to be my worst topic but is now my favorite. Love.


Let me just say that I was unhappy for a very long time when I first moved to the Philippines. I was depressed. A totally new lifestyle that I had to get accustomed to. New people, new friends, new everything and I was not ready for the adjustment. It was extremely different. I was so miserable that I felt that I had no reason to be happy, I had no reason to stay here. I have a reason now. I’m happy in love and I’ve never been happier. I’ve met the most incredible person in the world. I know this is forever.

I won’t get into details, I might reveal too much teehee.

Anyways… hmmm what else is up in my life… I talked about school, business, work, friends, love… OH I KNOW.


I still gotta cope with arguments and disagreements everyday. We all got our own opinions that clash all the time, but we cope.

I just want to say that in general, since my last post, I’ve been happy. There have beens ups and downs… and downs… and downs. I may be problematic, I may be a complete ass sometimes with an attitude I have trouble controlling, but the love of my life keeps me sane. I’m happy because of that one person. The love of my life. My EVERYTHING. I used to not like the topic of love at all. I thought it was cheesy, I thought love was a lie. I was proven wrong just because of this one person. I know in my heart that this love is forever.

So that’s it folks. :) This blog is very personal, I wouldn’t want my family reading it, and I might not want my friends to read this neither, even though I might be saying really good things about them. I’m shy saying the truth. I’m shy of people knowing what I think of them, whether good or bad. So yeah. If you’re a friend, relative, or the love of my life (Haha jk my love, you can read this anytime you want), GET OFF MY BLOG. Ha jk. But I’m serious.

Until next time everyone. :) Buhbye.

P.S. I couldn’t care less about typos or grammatical errors.

The Enstasy Mixtape Series featured in ORY Magazine! :)

Check out the full magazine down below:

Chloe Moretz stunt training.

Bad ass little girl.


Day 27 - other species/alien crush: Yoda

Away in a Dream from enstasyisreality on 8tracks.


Enstasy Mixtape #1: Away in a Dream

Made an 8tracks account :) Gonna upload all mixtapes here.

Favorite TV Shows

Pick 5 TV Shows you like before reading the questions.

1. Friends  2. Downton Abbey  3. Fringe  4. Game of Thrones  5. Arrested Development

1. Who is your favorite character in 2?

Lady Sybil Crawley <3 Her voice is just wonderful and her character development is freaking amazing.

2. Who is your least favorite character in 1?

OMG. How can I answer that question, I love each and every one of them. O.O. Uumm… Damnit bad question.

3. What’s your favorite episode of 4?

Ooo good question, but a difficult one. Probably the episode where Khal Drogo rips off his friend’s throat, because he was treating the Khaleesi badly. That part was intense. <3 I miss Drogo.

4. What is your favorite season of 5?

Uhh. The third was terrible, it just cut me off. So the best for me is Season 1.

5. What’s your favorite relationship in 3?

Oh gosh. Peter and Olivia <3

6. Who is your anti-relationship in 2?

I hated when Matthew and Lavinia were together, not that Lavinia is bad, it’s just that Mary is destined to be with Matthew.

7. How long have you watched 1?

Wow it came out since ‘94 i think? And I was born in ‘95, so pretty much my entire life.

8. How did you become interested in 3?

Haha Damnit David you did it again. :) My best friend, David, always suggests the best tv shows to me. He’s got good taste in those. When I first watched Fringe, I was like ehhh, but it later grew onto me, then I eventually fell in love with it.

9. Who is your favorite actor in 4?

Hmm. Hard decision between Lena Headley and Emilia Clarke. I’d have to go with Emilia, since her character is my favorite.

10. Which show do you prefer 1, 2, or 5?

Wahhh. I can’t choose between Friends and Downton because they’re completely different genres, and I like both so very much. I guess it depends on my mood. But if I reaaaally had to choose based on the show’s structure and progression, Downton Abbey.

11. Which show have you seen more episodes of 1 or 3?

Friends, since it’s got more seasons

12. If you could be anyone from 4, who would you be?

Khaleesi! :)

13. How would you kill off any character in 5?

Haha how could I do such a thing! I like them all! But the father annoys me sometimes by his irresponsibility, so I’d maybe have someone accidentally push him off the building, idk.

14. Would a 3/4 crossover work?

It would work very well actually, that would be kind of interesting. Fringe is a show of weird things and sometimes time-travel, so maybe Fringe division would kind of go back in time and enter King’s Landing. 

15. Pair two characters in 1 that would make an unlikely, but strangely okay couple.

Rachel and Chandler.

16. Overall, which show has the better cast, 3 or 5?

3 :) 

17. Which has the better theme music, 2 or 4?

AHHH. DIFFICULT! I love both so much. I’d say Game of Thrones… or Downton Abbey… of Game of Thrones… or maybe Downton Abbey.

Oh no.

Dope MNL is affiliated with Doc marts, so why not go. I had to miss the first part of the event because of my sister’s graduation, but it was all good ‘cause I caught up at around 10:30 pm. :) I was lucky enough to catch a band called The DiscoBall. They were pretty damn good. I saw Pedicab too, but they didn’t interest me as much as the Discoball (despite Pedicab being more known). It was nice hearing some good music and just chilling, but the bad thing was, I was by myself. My cousins were with me, but they were at Caffe Puccini instead. I didn’t want to bore them by telling them to watch the event with me because I know it isn’t really their crowd. Nonetheless, I had a great time. There’s sure to be a next go. 

I need to be constantly inspired, but first I need to know what the source of my inspiration is.
At the moment, my inspiration board consists of
Woody Allen
Woody and Diane Keaton
The Baudelaire Orphans
Titanic (movie)
Lost in Translation

I need to be constantly inspired, but first I need to know what the source of my inspiration is.

At the moment, my inspiration board consists of

  • Woody Allen
  • Woody and Diane Keaton
  • The Baudelaire Orphans
  • Amelie
  • Fringe
  • Morrissey
  • Titanic (movie)
  • Lost in Translation
My name is Angelica Gapit and I have an on & off relationship with this journal.

I'm interested in:

Oh and I have a fashion line called Enstasy

Enjoy my rambled thoughts :)

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